First Lessons in Financial Reporting for CA Final for Old Syllabus for May 2019 Exam

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Author : M P Vijay Kumar
Publisher : Snow White
Category : CA(old) - CA Final
Subject : Financial Reporting
Edition : 2018
ISBN : 9789350393028
Paperback : 1220
Stock : 5
Shipping Time : 3-5 Days


Fully solved problems exceeding 200 Step-by-Step Methodology to solving problems Library of Adjustments Functional Presentation of theory Pleasingly elaborated and solution-driven accounting adjustment Well-updated add-ons by way of FAQs, Expert Advisory Committee Opinions,all recent pronouncements and AS Interpretations of ICAI (Including the notification dated 30th March 2016 on Accounting Standards) Meaningful illustration of past twenty examinations of ICAI

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