Self-Study Guide On Information Systems Control And Audit (ISCA) Old Syllabus for CA Final By Manish M Valechha

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Author : Manish M Valechha
Publisher : Valechha Educational
Category : CA(old) - CA Final
Subject : Information Systems Control and Audit
Edition : 2018
ISBN : 0
Paperback : 216
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A Comprehensive textbook on ISCA especially designed for CA Final May 2019 Examination. Memory Code (Mnemonic) based – To facilitate quick grasp over the subject.The term is?used here in its broadest possible sense. Based on students’ suggestions names are also included as Memory Codes. Full-Color Edition – To highlight the most noticeable and important points to speed up effective revision at 11th ?hour. Step-wise Bifurcation of Lengthy Chapters into smaller sections to make learning m

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